Creating 2015—Day 106:   Day 4 Not Off To A Good Start

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Creating 2015—Day 106:   Day 4 Not Off To A Good Start

“It is suggested that you do not engage in heavy physical exercise on the cleansing days.”  Oops!  It’s Day 4 of my 11 day cleanse.  I felt great when I woke up—light and energized.  So, of course, I automatically decided to go on a bike ride.  I suspect where I went wrong was taking my birth control pill, downing the cleanse drink and swallowing their “accelerator” capsule which contains green tea and cayenne pepper as the two main ingredients right before the work out.  The bike ride was vigorous to say the least and was rather challenging considering I didn’t have a lot of gas in the tank after yesterday’s deep cleanse day—which went great by the way and thus I was feeling cocky.

All was still fine as we got back from the ride and did our 15 minute yoga program. But when I stood up after, I felt a burn in my stomach.  Huh, that’s weird.  About five minutes or so of this and an uncontrollable urge to hurl hit me. That’s when I realized I’d done something wrong.  At first it was just mouth watering dry heaves and then it passed.  But after slow sipping a glass of water, the floodgates opened up and I projectile vomited all the contents of my stomach—which was mainly water and the partially digested accelerator capsule—into the porcelain god.  It wasn’t pretty.  But, I felt sooooooo much better afterwards!

I don’t vomit easily or often.  When I do, it’s usually related to something not sitting well on my tummy.  I don’t think it would have happened if I hadn’t done the intense exercise right after taking my “first meal.” Lesson learned.  I’m going to continue on the cleanse as prescribed but I will be taking it much easier the rest of the day.  I take the same combo again around 1pm.  My instinct is that I’ll be fine as long as I don’t then go shake it up with an intense work out.  But, I’ll keep you posted.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…cleanse mistakes.

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