Creating 2015—Day 127: An Unexpected Lunch

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Creating 2015—Day 127:     An Unexpected Lunch

After a pitch meeting this morning I was able to get with my crazy talented writer friend Sylvia Jaunzarins for lunch!  I threw it out to her last minute since I would be going right by her place…just in case we could coordinate and connect.  And we were able to.  What a treat!   We only had an hour, but what a motivating hour it was!  We’ve both got screenplays we’re in the nascent stage of packaging and launching into pre-production and we’ve been meeting once a week, give or take, since the end of last year to push each other forward on the projects.  It’s really delicious.  The support.  The camaraderie.  The holding each other accountable.  Especially that.  I love our motivational meetings!  Today was well timed because we’re both working on submitting to the NYWIFT’s new screenwriting lab for women that Meryl Streep is sponsoring and I have been dragging my feet on it.  And although I did not get to my application this afternoon like I intended to it is squarely on my radar again.  I’ve got it in the calendar to work on and do tomorrow when I get home from morning meetings.  And the good thing is, I know Sylvia won’t let me off the hook until I do it!

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…great friends and motivating lunches.

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  1. I so value our ritual. Grateful for you!!!

  2. Accountability partners – and friends – are invaluable!

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