Creating 2015—Day 128:   “Hot Pursuit”

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Creating 2015—Day 128:   “Hot Pursuit”

Despite the critics’ scathing reviews of Hot Pursuit I went and saw it this afternoon.  I gotta support the ladies—a female driven film directed by a woman!  Written by dudes, which doesn’t surprise me.  No, it certainly wasn’t The Heat.  No, it wasn’t terribly fresh.  Nor was it terribly good.  But, yes, I laughed out loud often while watching it!  Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara are both so talented and good with physical comedy, I thoroughly enjoyed watching them do their thing.

At the movies...

At the movies…

And I must say, the theatre was surprisingly full at 2pm today!  I was completely shocked to see anyone else there.  I sat in between two women, not sure their age or ethnicity, but they laughed even louder and more often than I did.  These gals were having a ball watching Reese and Sofia’s slap shtick!  Women want to see women in the movies!  At least I, and the two ladies on either side of me at the theatre today, do.

Speaking of female driven films, in the previews before the main attraction was the trailer for the new Melissa McCarthy movie Spy.  I love the previews at the movie theatre.  If I’m going to the theatre, I can’t miss the previews; they’re my favorite part!  Spy looks absolutely hilarious!  The ladies and I were downright howling at the trailer.  I can’t wait to see that one.  Other previews that looked good were Magic Mike 2 and Entourage—the boys are back this summer.  I enjoyed the hot guys and dancing in the first Magic Mike and I loved the TV series Entourage.  Both should be super fun.

All in all, it was a fun, Friday afternoon at the movies.  A relaxing way to kick off the weekend.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…afternoon movies.

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