Creating 2015—Day 131, 132, 133:   I’m Back!

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Creating 2015—Day 131, 132, 133:   I’m Back!

Sorry about that!  I had some health stuff last couple of days and couldn’t bang out any posts.  But now I’m back!  Three days in one.  And I’m pondering what in the hell I’m doing with my life!  What are you doing?  What are we all doing with our lives?!?

Whew.  I needed to get that out.

I'm back!  Did you miss me & my ratty blue robe?

I’m back! Did you miss me & my ratty, blue robe?

I’m sure that we are all probably just doing our best at any given moment.  As my acting coach, Julie Ariola says, “If you could do any better you would.”

I’m not going to lie though; I feel like I could be doing a wee bit better—working harder, taking better care of myself, sleeping better, being more thoughtful, being kinder, being more positive, eating healthier, managing my stress better, being more active, thinking more creatively, stepping into my authentic self more often.

So today, I’m declaring that I am going to, indeed, do better!  Whatever that means.  Whatever that looks like.

Do better with me today!

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…better to do.

Kelli Joan Bennett is a filmmaker, actress, writer, entrepreneur, advocate for creative thinking and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Think Outside The Box Inside The Box Media.

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