Creating 2015—Day 134 to 146:   A “Post” Vacation

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Creating 2015—Day 134 to 146:   A “Post” Vacation

So much for matching 2012’s 365 daily written posts!  I certainly didn’t do “better” where that is concerned.  Deep sigh.  It’s truly amazing how time gets away from me!  But I won’t hold on to how the last two weeks have gone by in the blink of an eye.  Instead, I’ll let it go!  And focus on what turned out to be a lovely “post writing” vacation.

I’m not going to lie, releasing the rigidity around having to write something for my blog everyday felt fantastic.  I let that rigidity go! Adios, rigidity.  I will not miss you.  No, it wasn’t exactly a conscious choice, it just kinda happened.  I let life get in the way.  But, I think it happened for a reason.  I think it happened because I needed it to happen.  I needed to let go of it so I could do better in other areas.  And I believe did!

Cheers to letting go

Here’s to letting go of anything that holds us back!

I had a bunch of personal stuff going on—joy inducing type good stuff—that demanded all of my attention for a few weeks.  And then, I had a big burst of creative energy and inspiration around this development deal I’m working on with my partner—12 and 14 hours of continuous writing for two straight days—a real treat and gift.  And, I started a new cleanse to take my mind and body to a higher level of health!  Which feels great. I feel great.  Today is day nine of 33 days.

Inspired by the amazing Cindy Yantis who is on a cleansing roll, I set a theme for this cleanse.  My theme is:  LETTING GO.  Easier said than done for me.  I hold on.  I harbor.  I never forget.  Those would be great traits if I were in the mob.  But I’m not and I don’t want to hold on to anything that isn’t working for me anymore—stories, ideas, concepts, belief systems, relationships, limitations, fears, expectations. Holding on so tight is exhausting and I’m tired.

“Let it go, Kel,” is my continuing mantra for the next month!  The old hurts I’m harboring, the out of date body image I am white knuckling, the deep-seated grudges I’m holding, the anxiety and anger I feel around my projects not being completed and distributed yet, the paralyzing fear I have of fucking up my next film if I make the wrong decisions—let it all go—literally, figuratively, physically, emotionally, spiritually.  Let.  It.  Go.

“You can only lose what you cling to.”  — Buddha

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…a theme.

Kelli Joan Bennett is a filmmaker, actress, writer, entrepreneur, advocate for creative thinking and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Think Outside The Box Inside The Box Media.

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  1. I say Bravo! What a great theme for a cleanse in so many ways. When I set my theme of Clarity it spun off in so many directions in my life and it helped me to stay focused.

    Love the shake mug!

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