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Are you ready for a YES?!

Give it to yourself.


“No” is one of the toughest things to hear in life.  No, I don’t love you.  No, you didn’t get in.  No, you didn’t get the job.  No, you lost.  No, you can’t have that, do that, be that.  It takes away your power.  The culture of “no” keeps the power in the hands of someone else.  Waiting for a “yes” sucks but is a part of life that every human being on the planet has to deal with.  “No” is a part of reality.  But what if you stopped giving the no’s so much power—to crush you, to stop you, to keep you insecure and small?  What if you stopped waiting for someone else to tell you “yes” and instead said YES to yourself?  What a deliciously empowering concept!  Say “yes” to yourself.  No matter how often you hear “no” you can always get a “yes”…from you!  Yes, exercise.  Yes, be healthy.  Yes, create a dream.  Yes, yes, yes!  You don’t need permission.  When you say YES to your health, your vision,your dreams, you are in control of your destiny and define your own success.

Don’t wait.

Say yes to yourself.

Start creating.

From what you have.

Motivating 2015 - Day 2 - Daily Dose



  1. Yes to the yes!

  2. It would be great if you made your cool original quote memes pinnable for Pinterest…

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