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Posted by on Mar 21, 2016 in Motivation, The Daily Dose, THINK BLOG | 0 comments

  WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO REACH YOUR GOALS?   Do something!   Everyone has a goal in their mind, probably right this second—big, small, meaningful, shallow.  It could be as simple as, “don’t forget to floss.”  It could be as colossal as, “change the world.”  It could be as existential as, “beat cancer.”  It could be as superficial as, “try Botox.”  (Don’t judge it.  If it matters to you, that’s all that matters!)  Whatever your goal is, what are you actually doing—physically, mentally, emotionally, tangibly—to...

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2 steps to creating a dream   Whatever you’re dreaming of creating—a new kitchen, an education, a novel, a business, a better job, a school, a happy family, a healthy body, more energy, a dance, an invention, a connection, love, peace, a community—believe in your dream.  It’s the first step.  The second step is taking action.  From wherever you are with whatever you have, begin.  Don’t wait.  Create.  Right now.  From what you have.  You have so much more than you realize!  See it.  Appreciate it.  Create from it. Step 1:  BELIEVE IN...

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  Out of flow? Make some space!   As life expands and grows it can become overgrown with chaos and clutter and dysfunction until you can no longer see straight!  Not only is your garage full of crap but also your relationships, your emotions, your body.  It’s time to take inventory of everything in your life, your business, your relationships, your goals, your mental attitudes.  Where are you out of flow?  What’s cluttering up your life?  It’s time to make some space!  Clear the brush.  Trim the broken branches.  Mend the wounded...

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Posted by on Feb 3, 2016 in Motivation, The Daily Dose, THINK BLOG | 4 comments

Are you ready for a YES?! Give it to yourself.   “No” is one of the toughest things to hear in life.  No, I don’t love you.  No, you didn’t get in.  No, you didn’t get the job.  No, you lost.  No, you can’t have that, do that, be that.  It takes away your power.  The culture of “no” keeps the power in the hands of someone else.  Waiting for a “yes” sucks but is a part of life that every human being on the planet has to deal with.  “No” is a part of reality.  But what...

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What are you going to do? Do it genuinely…as you!   No matter what you set out to do this year—work, play, create, build, help, change—do it as you!  Cut the crap.  Cut the pretense. Cut the pretending.  Cut the posturing.  Step into all of who you are and love it! Don’t fall victim to fashion or trends or herd mentality or mean people who want to make you feel less than or put you down or tell you that you’ll never succeed because of who you are.  Don’t fall victim to your own insecurities, fears, or doubts.  Be loud and proud of...

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Posted by on Dec 2, 2015 in Motivation, The Daily Dose, THINK BLOG | 0 comments

What do you want? Fight for it!   When all seems lost—you fail the test, you lose the investor, you eat the cake—don’t throw up your hands in despair and give up.  Reassess, regroup and fight harder instead!  Go back to what made you start in the first place.  Why do you want to write?  Why do you want to get healthy? Why do you want to run a marathon?  Why do you want to build a business?  Why do you want to go to school?  Why do you want to learn how to fly a plane?  Why do you want to get your masters degree?  Why do you want to get...

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Posted by on Nov 25, 2015 in Motivation, The Daily Dose, THINK BLOG | 0 comments

Worry taking up too much space? Give thanks instead! When the worry monster takes over—about money, about relationships, about work, about holiday guests—acknowledge it, note it and then replace it with giving thanks instead!  Replace worry by thinking about who and what you are actually grateful for and give thanks for it and for them. Replace worry by feeling thankful. Replace worry by saying thank you. Replace worry by taking action to assuage that worry and get to a place of thankfulness.  Be aware when worry takes up too much space so...

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Daily Dose—YOU CAN DO IT

Posted by on Nov 20, 2015 in Motivation, The Daily Dose, THINK BLOG | 0 comments

Afraid you’ll fail? Do it anyway!   Whatever it is, you can do it!  The only way to succeed is to first fail.  If we don’t fail, how will we ever figure anything out?   How will we ever know what works or what doesn’t work?  How will we ever know what matters enough to not give up?  Success is the result of failure or more likely a long string of failures.  Giving up is the only failure that is permanent. If you stop writing, you’ll never know if you could write an entire book.  If you stop drawing, you’ll never know if you could paint...

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Can’t let go? Move forward instead. There are times when letting go of something or someone—literally or figuratively—might not actually be possible for you. You may still have to see your ex-husband because you created a child together.  You may still have to take your thyroid medication to keep your energy up and be healthy.  You may not want to let go of the friend or mother or father or child in your life who died.  You may want to keep their memory alive and with you forever.  Not being able to let go of these realities in your life...

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Daily Dose—LET IT GO

Posted by on Feb 23, 2015 in Motivation, The Daily Dose, THINK BLOG | 0 comments

What’s weighing you down? Let it go!   You are capable of becoming healthy, strong, independent, educated, financially secure and creatively fulfilled!  What’s stopping you? Sometimes you have to let go of the things, people, places, and behaviors that aren’t serving your greater good in order to create a new best you.  Whatever or whoever is weighing you down it’s time to let it or them go!  What are you holding onto that isn’t allowing you to grow, change, expand, discover, or create the life you want to live?  Is it happy hour, sugar,...

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