Day 212: Dream Card Dropping

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Day 212:  Dream Card Dropping

Day 212. I began my Dream card dropping day by bringing Dream Postcards to Jennifer at Muse on 8th to refill her holder.  When I arrived, she was completely empty!  I stocked her up at her request and she is generously going to refill it as it empties.  I took the opportunity to have some yummy lunch while I was there with Screenwriter Cindy.  We both had the egg salad.  Major yummmmmm.  Screenwriter Cindy is now scheduled to deliver her rewrite on August 6th.  I can’t wait to read it!

Afterwards, I met Joie de vivre and we headed out to Larchmont Village.  We walked around dropping dream cards everywhere anyone would let us.  A lot of places had community boards we were able to easily put the cards on and two places, Le Pain Quotidien and Baciami Gelateria & Creperia, let us actually put a holder full of the cards out!  Very exciting.

At the same time we were doing this, we got a text from Beautiful Bride that she had just dropped Dream Postcards at a couple different colleges in Connecticut.  So, all in all, we dropped a lot of Dream cards today.  We are planting dream seeds.  I can’t wait to see how they grow.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…dreams to grow.

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