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7 Paths


Thinking Outside The Box Inside The Box 

and creating from what you have


1.  NO MORE WAITING.  You have two carrots, an onion, a bouillon cube, a bag of rice, an egg and a spice rack:  GO!  What would you make from the limited items you have?  You wouldn’t starve.  You’d get creative.     Don’t wait.  Start creating from what you have right now.

2.  SHIFT YOUR THINKING.  “Think Outside The Box Inside The Box” is a paradox to shift your thinking from limited thoughts, fear of lack and being trapped and powerless to being in control and empowered.  If the box is your life, exactly as it is, start there.  Instead of looking outside yourself to find what you need to create from, start by looking inside yourself and inside your life first and discover what’s available to you immediately.  What do you already have in your life you’re not seeing the potential of that you can create something from?  Can you see your own potential?  No matter what you want to create—whether it’s a new kitchen, a new career, a new business, a school, a song, a dance, a restaurant, an education, health, friends, or something completely intangible like change or peace or calm or gratitude—you already have enough of a spark within yourself, support in your sphere of influence and opportunities somewhere in your life to at least begin taking steps to create it.

3.  REMOVE YOUR PERCEIVED GATEKEEPERS, RESTRICTIONS AND LIMITED THINKING.  The paradox of Thinking Outside the Box Inside The Box is meant to be a catalyst to open up your mind to your current resources, however meager or mega, and create something positive.  The only thing stopping you from creating something from what you have is you.  See everything in your life, including yourself, with fresh eyes and get creative.  Whatever ingredients you have to create something with is exactly what you need because it’s what you have.  Start creating from what you have and what you have will expand.

4.  LEAVE THE JUDGMENTS, CRITICISMS, COMPARISONS AND COMPLAINTS AT THE DOOR. It’s not about how good or great or perfect or big or small or serious or light hearted or important the project is to anyone but the creator.  There are plenty of other avenues to have a creation criticized and tons of people who will be happy to compare it and complain about it or give it their thumbs up or down once it has been created, including you.  Don’t compare or compete just complete your unique creation.  And when you get down or frustrated or stalled by or about how how much you think you need or how little you think you have—whether that’s skills, education, money, beauty, strength, tools, whatever—just know that there is someone somewhere in the world with much less than you who is still creating from wherever they are with whatever they have and making a difference in their life and the lives of others.  Know you can too.  Thinking Outside The Box Inside The Box is about the act of creating something positive from what you have.  Creating, in and of itself, is the goal and the victory.

5.  WHAT’S YOUR DREAM?  Declare it.  Act on it.  Create it.  Think Outside The Box Inside The Box Media is currently conducting the Declare Your Dream Experimental Motivation Project to explore the concept that motivation is contagious and can be spread from one person to the next through the declaring of dreams and the seeing of declared dreams.  Go to to see the declared dreams in the experiment and to get motivated to declare yours.  To learn how to declare your dream and be a part of the experiment, go to  New dreams are posted as they arrive.

6.  COMMIT TO CREATE YOUR DREAMS and help others stay motivated to create theirs by becoming an active member of the Think Outside The Box Inside The Box online motivational community via Think Outside The Box Inside The Box, Facebook and Twitter.  The community’s mission is to support, foster and encourage creativity in all areas of art and life. Be a part of the conversation and the creativity.  Share your stories, struggles and triumphs with your own creating, share your creations, share your support, share your voice, share your creativity and share your motivational spirit.  Join the movement to motivate yourself, motivate others, and, as a community of creators, stay motivated to create and complete our creations.

7.  TOGETHER we can create a better world, one dream, one action, one creation at a time.  There is a creator and therefore a motivator inside each and every one of us, and together, we can affect positive personal, community, national and global change in the creative process.

Create something.  Motivate someone.  Change the world.

What are you going to create?

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