Creating 2015—Day 28:  Accounting Funk

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Creating 2015—Day 28:  Accounting Funk

Let me first say, I almost forgot to write a post for today!  I’m in my jammies ready to crawl into bed for sleepy time.

Ever since finding out my high school classmate—My Homecoming King—passed away yesterday, I’ve been in a fog, and honestly, a funk.  Which isn’t the best way to be when you need to do accounting and cost reports.  And doing accounting and cost reports is exactly what I was doing all day.  And will be doing for the next week!  Long story.  In a nutshell, it’s for tying up loose ends for my documentary film, High School 911.

Best Friend From High School emailed me that Eddie’s picture is up on the funeral home’s website but no mention of the date of his service yet.  I highly doubt I’ll be able to get a flight home for it.  But I’ll check.  I tried to get a flight home in a couple weeks for my sister’s birthday party and it was a small fortune.  I’m working on improving my financial health this year so spending a small fortune is not an option right now.  The thing I didn’t know about Eddie was that he was almost a year younger than me!  Which is even more insane that he is gone.  And it makes me even sadder.

Until tomorrow, create from what you have…a foggy sad funk.

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