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What do you have?

Create something positive from it!

Whatever you have, someone somewhere has less but has created more from it. No matter what you have in your life—positives, negatives, weaknesses, strengths, riches, or poverty—you can create something positive from it. Even if it is just facial muscles to form a smile, vocal cords to say thank you, hands to open a door—you have something from which to create from. Appreciate all that you have to create from! Are you alive? Others aren’t. Do you have the full use of your legs? Others don’t. Do you have your sight? Others don’t. Do you have wifi? Others don’t. Do you have something to eat today? Others don’t. Do you have a bed to sleep in? Others don’t. Shift your thinking so you can see what you have with fresh eyes!  You have so much more than you realize.  See it.  Appreciate it.  Create from it!

Give thanks for what you have.

Create from it.


What are you going to create?

…a smile, kindness, a new outlook, a change, a movement, healing, confidence, comfort, a meal, prosperity, health, a school, a movie, a painting, an education, a skill, a home, safety, art, peace, love… 



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