Creating 2015—Day 7: Bad Bridesmaid

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Creating 2015—Day 7:  Bad Bridesmaid

I have been a bridesmaid three times in my life—for two sisters and my best friend—and I’m about to do it a fourth time this Friday.  I’m counting it even though it’s a do-over for aforementioned best friend.  I was a bad bridesmaid back then and I’m sure I haven’t been any better this go-round.  I had to be “talked to” the first time for slacking off.  I can’t remember what I did or didn’t do.  I’m sure it involved not paying enough attention.  The official duties of a bridesmaid to me are getting the dress, showing up on the day, standing where told to, drinking copious amounts of liquor and sleeping with a groomsman or two.  At least that was my definition 20...

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