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Daily Dose—LET IT GO

Posted by on Feb 23, 2015 in Motivation, The Daily Dose, THINK BLOG | 0 comments

What’s weighing you down? Let it go!   You are capable of becoming healthy, strong, independent, educated, financially secure and creatively fulfilled!  What’s stopping you? Sometimes you have to let go of the things, people, places, and behaviors that aren’t serving your greater good in order to create a new best you.  Whatever or whoever is weighing you down it’s time to let it or them go!  What are you holding onto that isn’t allowing you to grow, change, expand, discover, or create the life you want to live?  Is it happy hour, sugar,...

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Posted by on Jan 6, 2015 in Motivation, The Daily Dose, THINK BLOG | 0 comments

Do you think you have to do it all alone? Think again. Instead of plodding along alone, why not find some like-minded support? There is someone out there who wants to support you, see you succeed, or is setting out to reach the same or similar goal as you. Find them! A friend, a family member, a support group, an online community, whatever or whoever you feel safe reaching out to for encouragement and support. It can be scary enough setting a goal, admitting you need help to accomplish it can be even scarier. Don’t be scared! You were brave...

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Posted by on Jan 5, 2015 in Motivation, The Daily Dose, THINK BLOG | 2 comments

 Do you hate Mondays?! Get over it.   For many, Mondays are the first day of the workweek.  Collective ugh, right?  WRONG!  It’s a new beginning.  A fresh start.  A chance to do better, get it right, make a change.  What’s not to love about that awesomeness?  Sure, there may be work involved you’re not crazy about.  But, if you change your thinking, you can shift your attitude.  How wonderful is it that you have work that pays you and helps you pursue your dreams, cover your mortgage and feed your kids?  How fantastic is it that you have...

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Posted by on Jan 3, 2015 in Motivation, The Daily Dose, THINK BLOG | 0 comments

What do you do because you love to do it?!  Do more of that. No one is watching.  No one is cheering you on.  No one is telling you, “good job.”  No one is paying you.  No one is waiting for it.  No one cares…but you.  What do you love doing so much that you don’t care what anyone else thinks?  What do you love doing so much that you don’t care whether you get paid for doing it or not?  What do you love doing so much that even when it gets hard or difficult, you still want to do it?  What do you love doing so much that you do it simply...

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Posted by on Jan 1, 2015 in Motivation, The Daily Dose, THINK BLOG | 0 comments

Daily Dose:  MAKE A CHOICE

Who’s ready for some motivation?! 2015 will consist of 365 days.  What do you plan to create from your days?   You will have 24 hours during each of those days.  What can you create from your hours?  The time will pass whether you set an intention, start a new project or decide to change something in your life or help someone in need.    Why not make the most of every moment of every day of this year and decide to create something?  By the end of the year, from the sum of your actions during your time on earth in 2015, you can...

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Tembi Locke Launches “The Kitchen Widow”

Posted by on Dec 22, 2014 in Grief, In The Trenches, Inspiration, THINK BLOG | 0 comments

One of the stars of my film Collusions, the amazingly talented Tembi Locke, has just launched an informative and incredibly inspiring website for anyone who has experienced loss in their life or is in the painful process of losing someone.  Tembi describes the site as, “A place where we inspire connection and support in times of illness and grief.”  How perfect and much needed is that?!?  Especially during the holidays.  After losing My Dad this year, the theme and tone and love radiating from The Kitchen Widow felt like a warm,...

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What are you going to create in 2014?

Posted by on Jan 1, 2014 in Motivation, THINK BLOG | 0 comments

It’s a New Year! What are you going to create from it?  Health?  Peace?  Love?  A fresh start?  A movie?  A book?  A new friendship?  A marriage?  A baby?  Financial security?  Kindness?   Laughter?  A truce?  A new idea?  A new job?  New technology?  An invention?  An education?  A difference?  Start the New Year off right—create something right now from what you have.  You have so much more than you realize!  Shift your thinking so you can see it, appreciate it and get creative with it.  Don’t limit yourself.  Create from all the...

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New Declared Dreams!

Posted by on Oct 3, 2013 in Dreams, Inspiration, THINK BLOG | 0 comments

New Declared Dreams!   The Declare Your Dream Experimental Motivation Project is now 183 Dreams strong.  And the dreams run the gamut.  There are dreams that make you think, dreams that inspire, dreams that motivate, dreams that confuse, dreams that make you sad, dreams that make you go, “hmmmmm.”  There are dreams that seem to be in code—only clear to the Dreamer who declared it!  But with each new declared dream that arrives—no matter how big or small, realistic or fantastical, selfish or selfless, simple or creative—power,...

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What are you going to create?

Posted by on Jul 1, 2013 in Motivation, THINK BLOG, Windows | 0 comments

What are you going to create?

TAKE THE CHALLENGE to think outside the box inside the box and create from wherever you are with whatever you have right now and in the process empower yourself.   Open up your mind to your current resources, however meager or mega, and create something positive. We can create a better world, one creation at a time. Create something.  Motivate someone. Change the world. Follow...

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Posted by on Jun 26, 2013 in Inspiration, Motivation, THINK BLOG, Windows | 0 comments


7 Paths to Thinking Outside The Box Inside The Box  and creating from what you have   1.  NO MORE WAITING.  You have two carrots, an onion, a bouillon cube, a bag of rice, an egg and a spice rack:  GO!  What would you make from the limited items you have?  You wouldn’t starve.  You’d get creative.     Don’t wait.  Start creating from what you have right now. 2.  SHIFT YOUR THINKING.  “Think Outside The Box Inside The Box” is a paradox to shift your thinking from limited thoughts, fear of lack and being trapped and...

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