According to Wikipedia, the exact origins of the phrase “think outside the box” or “think out of the box” are obscure.  A few people claim to have coined it, but one thing seems to be true; it became popular because of the nine-dot puzzle.  The goal of the nine-dot puzzle is to link all nine dots by using only four lines.

 The Box:  At the root of the paradox, Think Outside The Box Inside The Box, is the definition of box.  “The box” is simply your life exactly how it currently is—the people, the job(s), the relationships, the living situation, the bank balance, the shoes in the closet, the tools in the tool box—right now.

Inside the Box:  Traditionally, inside the box means learning and knowing all the rules before you can break them and “think outside the box” or dribble outside the lines and become Jackson Pollack.  For our purposes it simply means “within the parameters of your life as it is right now”…in other words “inside my life”….see the above definition of “box.”

Think Outside the Box Inside the Box, as a whole concept, is a verb: “get creative with what you already have in your life.”

What are you going to create?