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          Boomerang Productions presents

Think Outside The Box Inside The Box Media Film

          Executive Producer:  Tim Warren

          Producers:  Jennifer Simpson and Kelli Joan Bennett

          Screenwriter:  Monica Zepeda

          Director:  Anthony Vietro

         Director of Photography:  Ric Griffith

      Edited by:  Kristin Gerhart

         Additional Camera:  Peyton Skelton

        1st AD:  Stefon Coleman

          1st AC:  Alex Cason

          2nd AC:  Vanessa Ward

        Production Sound:  Cary Daniels

        Script Supervisor:  Christina Acocella

         DIT:  LJ Kim

          Costume Designer:  Amy Sobotta

          Make-Up:  Jamie Hess

          Hair:  Kelly Capoccia

         Line Producer:  Radostina Peteva

          Production Coordinators:  Miles Gregley, Mili Rosales

Production Assistants:  Matthew Lingo, Sky Hirschkron, Premchand Kurumoju, Kris Walker, William Walker,  Mihaela Lesikova, Chris Rogers

          Tom Everett Scott 
         Steven Culp
          Jamison Jones
          Tembi Locke
          Brynn Thayer
         Kelli Joan Bennett
          Heidi Moss
          Makenzie Moss
          Marquerite Wiseman
          Crystal Jackson
          Andrew Gunn
          John David Hartfield
          James Daniel Finnerty
          Leslie Caveny
          Beverly Woss
      “COLLUSIONS” is a cerebral character driven crime mystery
that follows five people, intertwined in the legal and law enforcement world of LA,
as the story of a beaten woman, her missing tooth and their motives are revealed.