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Travel writer, reporter and host Stephanie Weyant will take you there!

Stephanie Weyant in Nepal

Think Outside The Box Inside The Box Media is thrilled to announce that a new travel column and web series with travel writer, reporter and host Stephanie Weyant will be launching in the Fall!

Stephanie will be writing about her travels and reporting from the road for  An avid traveler since she was 18, Stephanie brings a unique perspective, passion and cinematic slant to the world of travel.

Stephanie takes creating from what you have to a whole new level. Armed only with pen, paper, camera and microphone, Stephanie explores foreign filmed lands and discovers the celluloid wilds of New York City through her journeys.

“Fasten your seat belts.”

More to come soon on Stephanie, her column and web series!

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  1. Very exciting and what a wonderful addition to Think Outside the Box Inside the Box! I look forward to Stephanie’s outside-the-box travel tips and stories!

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