How brave are you?

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Morning Motivation


Instead of thinking that waking up is an entitlement, shift and see it as the gift it is—another chance to create meaning, purpose and art.  Your actual, literal life is the most obvious, the most basic and the most important thing you have to create from.  You woke up this morning.  You’re alive!  Are you brave enough to let the fact that you won’t always be motivate you to make the air in your lungs count every day?  It’s easy to take your life for granted.  Don’t.  Each inhale, each exhale is a breath to create from.  Make the most of it.  Wake up.  Breathe.  Create.

Be brave.

Start creating.

From what you have…Life.

What are you going to create?


Be brave. Start creating.




  1. Your post provides a great motivational start to the day! Now let’s start creating 🙂

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