What motivates you?

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Morning Motivation


Without motivation of some kind—positive or negative—action isn’t taken.  But, the source of motivation is unique to every person.  What motivates one person doesn’t necessarily motivate another.  The key to understanding what motivates you is understanding what matters to you.  If something motivates you it has meaning to you.  Without meaning there is no motivation.  What matters to you—deeply, truly, madly?  Money, friends, fame, family, health, travel, love, giving, making a difference?  Figure out what means the most to you in your life and let it motivate you to create from what you have.

Meaning is oxygen to motivation.

Motivation is oxygen to creating.

Creating is oxygen to life.

Find meaning.  Foster motivation.  Commit to action.

What are you going to create?

Meaning. Motivation. Creation.




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