Are you missing the signs?

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Morning Motivation


Do you find yourself in the same unwanted situation over and over again—emotionally, physically, financially?  You might be missing the warning signs!  Instead of thinking there’s nothing you can do, giving up, accepting your fate—you’ll always be in an unhealthy relationship, you’ll always have that extra 10 pounds, you’ll never have enough to pay the bills—start looking for the signs before the results you don’t want arrive!  Slow down.   Create awareness.  Do you feel bad more than you feel good around this person?  Is the number on the scale creeping up?  What mindless spending is draining your bank account?  See the signs.  Change course.  We are in control of our choices.  We can change our lives one sign, one different choice, one creation at a time.

Slow down.

Pay attention.

Look for signs.

Take control.

Create different choices.

—From what you have.


What are you going to create?


Be aware of the signs.



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