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Are you stuck?  Does it all look the same?  Is your vision blurring?  STOP whatever you’re doing and reinvent it all!  Close your eyes.  Visualize the situation, the problem, the creation in another color, as if it wasn’t your problem, if the situation were under another set of circumstances.  Try something else.  Turn it upside down.  Take a piece away from it.  Walk away for five minutes.  Do whatever it takes to think, see, feel, act, and respond differently and reinvent how you’re thinking and reinvent what you have to create from!  Free up your mind to put odd things together to make it look fresh, new, weird.  Talk it out in another language—if you don’t know another language, make one up!  Don’t be afraid to think differently, to discover new combinations, to build something that’s never been built before from what you have.

Get creative.

Surprise yourself.

Reinvent what you have to create from.

What are you going to create?






  1. Awesome, and true! Closing our eyes for a moment or two can make all the difference.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Christy! I’m closing my eyes right now and smiling. 🙂

  2. I love this idea. Taking your idea one step further, it is so easy to see what someone else should do sometimes. If only they would ask us for advice! I will go relax right now, try to think about my situation objectively, then decide what to do as if I were advising a friend.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and making such a wonderful comment, Susan! Yes, if they would only ask us for advice! 😀 I hope you were able to relax and free up your mind to advise yourself as if you would a friend. Such a great way to look at it,

  3. Hi Kelli,

    It’s true. The universe is within us all and everything we comprehend and the unique way in which we
    Do is all happening in our minds (both infinite/shared and local). It’s really all the same. Has anyone
    Seen the film, ‘Mindwalk’, with Liv Ullman? Brilliant. Your words are thoughts are so inspiring, Kelli.
    Thank you.


    Ps – the 140 character limit felt a bit constricting. Thank you for allowing me to share a bit more here.

    • Lovely comment, Mike. Thank you for sharing more than 140 characters with us. “The Universe is within us all…” – Beautiful. Welcome to our community of creators creating from what they have…the Universe! 🙂

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