The Power of Your Dreams

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Have you ever stopped to think about the power of your dream?  Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Rosa Parks did.  They channeled the power of their dreams and manifested change.  Maybe your dream doesn’t feel as big or as important but it is…to you and to those who love you.  You have a dream.  Don’t be afraid to declare it, to act on it and to focus on making it come true.  It will change you in a positive way when you take action towards making it happen.  It will change you and those around you in a positive way when you manifest it.  Don’t underestimate the power of your dreams.

The collection of dreams is growing.  The motivation is spreading.  The momentum for dream creating is building.  Join in.  See a Dream.  Declare your Dream.

To honor each Dreamer and their Dream, we are spotlighting one Dream each week to be held in the collective energy of the Dream Community.  Send positive dream vibes their way!  They will do the same for you.

We begin at the beginning.

The 1st Dream to arrive:

1st Dream Declared

Light for you to focus on why your Dream matters to you.
Light for you to take action towards your Dream.
Light for you to never give up on your Dream.
Light for your Dream to manifest.

With love and belief in you and your dream,

The Declare Your Dream Community

To get motivated to Declare Your Dream, to take action towards making your Dream come true, go see more Dreams and the latest Dreams to arrive.

Get your Dream on!

Motivate yourself.  Motivate others.


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