What are you creating?

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Morning Motivation


Every moment of every minute of every day through every thought, intention, word, and action we are creating our lives.  What are you creating?  Is it what you dream of?  Is it what you hope for?  Is it what you aspire to be?  Don’t just think.  Don’t just set intention.  Don’t just talk.  Don’t just dream.  Don’t just imagine.  Don’t just hope.  Do them all while channeling them into concrete and focused actions!  Take one small step forward towards what you want to create every day, whatever it is that you want to create, and you’ll be that much closer to it.  There is no easy, magical, imaginary path.  You must create the life you want through consistent, persistent actions and work.  Focus in on exactly what you want to create and utilize what you already have to begin creating it right now.

Focus your thoughts.

Make clear intentions.

Speak with conviction.

Take specific action.

Consciously create.

What are you going to create?

Consciously create.



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