What colors are you creating with?

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Morning Motivation


Just like our favorite food or sweater, we get used to eating, using and wearing the same colors.  It’s safe.  We believe we look good.  We think we know what tastes the best.  We hope it slims our hips.  Don’t be afraid to use all the colors you have in your crayon box!  What other colors are you not seeing that you actually have—in the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual realms—that you can create from?  You have the rainbow and the spectrum of light at your disposal.  You just have to open your eyes, look for it, see it, appreciate it and create from it.  Color your life in and create your life in color!

Look for your rainbow.

Be bold.

Create in color.

From what you have.


What are you going to create?


Be bold.



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