What do you really need to create something from?

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We live in a world that wants more of everything it has and doesn’t have, and then some.  More, more, more.  It usually takes a war or a crisis—financial, health, emotional—to make us slow down and take a look at what we already have in our lives, appreciate it and do something with it.  Don’t wait for a crisis.  What do you really need to create something from?  You need exactly whatever you have right now.  You always have enough to create something from—a smile, kindness, ideas, intelligence, talent, love.  No one thing  you don’t have is stopping you from creating.  Instead of wanting what you don’t have, really look at what you do have and create from it.  You have so much more than you realize.

Stop wanting.

Start creating.

From what you have.

What are you going to create?


Stop wanting. Start Creating. From what you have.


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