What is feeding you?

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Morning Motivation


You control what feeds you, literally as well as figuratively—food, drink, friends, family, news, books, entertainment, communication, community.  Instead of mindlessly accepting whatever comes your way to feed your mind, body and spirit, consciously choose what feeds you.  What are you choosing to eat?  What are you choosing to drink?  Who are you choosing to spend your time with?  Who are you surrounding yourself with?  What are you looking at?  What are you letting in your brain?  Where are you living?  How are you living?  Create the mind, body and spirit you aspire to have by carefully selecting what feeds you.  Feed yourself well.

Feed yourself love.

Feed yourself health.

Feed yourself beauty.

Feed yourself optimism.

Feed yourself expansive ideas.

Create from what is feeding you.

What are you going to create? 


Feed yourself well.



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