Who are you blaming?

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Instead of blaming yourself or blaming someone else for where you are or what you have, focus on the here and now.  Where you are right now?  What do you have right now?  That’s all the matters!  Take inventory.  Can you recognize and appreciate all that you do have?  It doesn’t matter whether you have a lot, a little, everything or next to nothing, you have enough to create something from—hope, a new direction, forgiveness, peace.  The blame game accomplishes nothing except giving away your power.  Stop blaming.  Start acting.  Work with what you have.  Create from what you have.

Don’t give away your power.

Stop blaming.

Start creating.

—From what you have.


What are you going to create?


Stop blaming. Start creating.



  1. Yes, ultimately the only person we have to blame is… our own selves! Very thought-provoking read.

    • Thank you for your comment! Taking responsibility is a good thing but we can’t let blaming or punishing ourselves hinder us from creating. Take responsibility. Learn from our missteps. Forgive. Move on. Create! 🙂

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