Are you creating a solid foundation?

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Morning Motivation


Do you have a strong enough foundation from which to grow from, to build from, to create from?  Are your basic needs met?  Are you working hard but still able to smile, to free your mind to create from what you have?  Or are you stressing out—overextended and out of your body?  Your first priority must be to build a foundation that you are able to create more than just survival.  Create a foundation that allows you to thrive!  Do whatever it takes to dig out and create a clean slate.  Downsize.  Simplify.  Learn to get back to the basics.  Enjoy life with less.  Stop keeping up with the Joneses.  Take the pressure off.  Create a foundation that is laid with the bricks of creativity and love, not with the bricks of wanting and living beyond your means.  Those shiny, sparkly “things” aren’t worth it.  You and those you love are.

Take care of yourself.

Take care of those you love.

Remember what really matters in life.

Create a foundation from which to create.

What are you going to create?


Create your foundation.



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