Are you dreaming or are you fantasizing?

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Morning Motivation


A dream is different than a fantasy.  A dream is attainable—I want to be a teacher.  A fantasy is imaginary—I want to be a unicorn.  Dreams can come in all sizes, shapes, forms and colors—big, small, life size, tiny.  What are your dreams?  You can have more than one!  They all matter and you can create them all—over time—some each day, some in the years to come.  Dreams that can be created daily:  health, laughter, a creative practice.   Dreams that need daily action over longer periods of time for them to manifest:  an education, a novel, a business.  Don’t get trapped in a fantasy, focus on your very real dreams.  Start creating them right now.  Create them every day.  From what you have.

Leave your fantasies to stimulate your imagination.

Start dreaming your very real dreams.

Believe in your dreams.

Create your dreams.

From what you have.


What are you going to create?


Create your very real dreams!


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