Are you playing?

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Morning Motivation


What if you turn your world upside down and stop calling your work, “work” and start calling it “play” instead?  Just for fun, give it a try!  See what happens.  What do you have to lose?  You still have to get your work done.  Why not make it as enjoyable as possible?  Just for today, no more dreading the work you have to do—whether it’s your day job, the dishes, a dissertation, constructing something, crunching numbers, the kids’ sack lunches or tackling that rewrite—think of it as playtime!  Approach whatever task or endeavor or meeting or problem in front of you with the wonder and enthusiasm of a child during recess.  Your office is now your playground.  Your kitchen is now your castle.  Your keyboard is now your building blocks.  Your work is now a set of Legos—get creative and have fun.

Change your approach to work.

Think of it as play if only for today.

Creating is playing.
Playing is creating.
Play with what you have.
Create from what you have.

What are you going to create?




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