How do you know if you’re almost there?

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Morning Motivation


Everything is a process—from conception to execution to existing to destruction.  Being born.  Bearing fruit.  Bringing about change.  Every creation goes through a metamorphosis—it doesn’t just pop out perfectly formed.  Even if you are creating a smile it’s a process of muscle movements that get you there.  One movement builds on the next until you’re in full-blown Smileville.  Remember, you are always in process, so, no matter where you are you’re almost there!  Keep going.  Keep adjusting.  Keep changing.  Keep moving forward.  Keep evolving.  Keep creating.

You’re always in process.

You’re always almost there.

Keep going.

Keep creating.

Keep smiling.

(And once you get there, don’t stop.  Create some more.)

What are you going to create?


You’re always almost there…keep going!



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