Morning Motivation — Are you reflecting?

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Are you reflecting?


Have you ever stopped to reflect on what you are currently creating and if it’s what you actually want to be creating?  Instead of mindlessly speeding through life unconsciously creating, slow down and begin consciously creating.  Take the time to reflect on what you have already created in order to determine what you want to create as you move forward.  What have you created in your life, your health, your relationships, your career, your finances?  Seriously think about what you have created up to this point.  Are you creating what you truly want to create?  Or, do you not like what you see reflecting back at you?  What is the reflection of your health?  What is the reflection of your relationships?  What is the reflection of your finances?  What is the reflection of your career?  What is the reflection of your relationship with yourself?  Reflect on what you are creating and consciously create the reflection you dream of.

Slow down.

Reflect on what you’re creating.

Reflect on your choices.

Reflect on your actions.

Make changes in your choices and actions if necessary.

Make what you are creating count.

Create the reflection you want your life to have.

What are you going to create?



  1. That is a good idea. Reflection can bring new ideas and let you see if you are on the right path. Thanks Kelli!

    • Thank you, Christy! Much gratitude to have you stop by and share your wonderful thoughts.

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