Morning Motivation — What are you thinking?

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What are you thinking?


Do you realize how powerful your thoughts are?  They are the first step in creating anything.  What are you thinking?  Are you thinking about the best possible things or are you focusing on the worst-case scenario?  Instead of thinking negatively, thinking about what you lack, thinking about what you don’t have, shift your mind and think positively, think about your strengths and think about what you do have.    Use your thoughts as a way to begin creating from what you have.  If you think about what you have in a new way it will spark new ideas and new ways to create something from it.  Think about what you already have in your life in a new way and create from it.  Your thoughts are a powerful tool.  They are the first step in creativity.  Think positively!

Think about what you want, not about what you don’t.

Think about what you have, not about what you don’t.

Create thoughts that promote positive action.

What are you going to create?


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