What is the fruit of your labor?

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Morning Motivation


If you feel you’re working hard but aren’t seeing the results you want then there’s a problem!  Action always equals a reaction, a result.  Are you working hard for your dreams or someone else’s?  Are you being honest with yourself about what and how much you’re really doing?  Is the action you’re taking focused on a specific goal?   Do you know where you want to go?  Do you have a plan how to get there?  Do you need to revise your plan?  Do you know what “fruit” you want to produce?  If you want to create health, what are you eating?  Are you exercising?  If you want to create a book, are you writing on it every day?  Are you taking steps to get published?  If you want to create an education, have you registered at a school?  Are you taking a class?   Take focused action towards a specific goal to see the results you want to create.

Set a goal.

Take daily, focused action to reach it.

Create the fruit of your labor.

What are you going to create?


Focus your creation.



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