Who holds the keys?

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Morning Motivation


Who holds the keys—the key to breaking the block, the key to shifting thoughts, the key to adjusting attitude, the key to happiness, the key to the heart, the key to peace, the key to creativity, the key to creating the life you want?  You do!  You hold all of the keys.  It’s easy to forget that.  The urge, even instinct, to give away our power—to others, to society, to our own fears, doubt and anxiety—is strong.  You have to fight it.  You have to hold on to your own personal power.  Utilizing help or inspiration or motivation or ideas from others to help you isn’t giving away your power, that’s you taking control and taking action and using the keys you hold.  Which is all of them.

You hold the keys to your own personal power.

Unlock your creativity.

Create from what you have.

What are you going to create?


You have the power.


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