Morning Motivation — Are you at an end or a beginning?

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Are you at an end or a beginning?


If you are at the end or at the beginning—of a week, of a job, of a relationship, of a career, of a project, of a trip—don’t get lost in the idea of it.  The excitement of a beginning can propel you forward or the sadness and loss of an ending can stop you.  Regardless of where you are, if you are always creating from wherever you are with whatever you have at any given period in your life it allows you to continue a constant chain of creating.  Keep creating no matter where you are.

At an ending…create from it.

At a beginning….create from it.

Somewhere in the middle…create from it.

What are you going to create?


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  1. I needed this reminder today! I’m at the beginning of a new exciting script and the “idea” of it has caused a bit of inertia. Thanks for getting me off the dime…

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