Morning Motivation — Are you frozen?

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Are you frozen?


Do you need to step back?  Do you need to stop?  Do you need to work on a different project for a while?  When you are feeling frozen, stuck, lost, confused or unsure of what you are creating, how you are creating it or why you are creating it, instead of panicking you’ll never get it done, you’ll never figure it out, you’ll never find your rhythm again—create from your frozen state by stepping back.  Stopping.  Doing whatever you have to do to find your way to a pliable, free state of mind.  Whether that’s a full stop, walking away, thinking about something else, doing something else, allowing yourself to completely disengage, freeing your mind, helping a friend, taking a walk, reading a poem, enjoying a cup of tea, working out, watching a movie.  Do whatever it takes to get unstuck, unfrozen and reignited to start again and return to your creation refreshed and renewed, free to create.

When you are frozen, create from the freeze to get defrosted.

When you are confused, create from the confusion to get clarity.

When you are stuck, create from the stuckness to get loose.

Whatever state you find you are in—frozen, stuck, confused—create from it in order to shift out of it.


What are you going to create?


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