Morning Motivation — What are you afraid of?

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What are you afraid of?


Whatever you are afraid of choose to create from it instead of being paralyzed by it.  Don’t let your fear stop you.  Embrace it, explore it, process it, release it so you can keep creating!  Whatever you’re afraid of—water, cranes, snakes, airplanes, failure, success, death—how can you create from that fear?  What can you create from that fear?  A website about water safety?  A support group for others with an irrational fear of cranes?  A book about the dangers of snake bites?  A video blog about why flying on airplanes is bad?  An appointment with a therapist?  A documentary on failure and success?  A visit to a cancer ward?  A novel about dying?  Whatever!    Just be proactive and create it so you are empowered by your fear instead of stopped by it.

Don’t let fear stop you from creating.

Be proactive.

Create from whatever you’re afraid of.

Be empowered.

What are you going to create? 


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