Morning Motivation—When will you take off?

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When will you take off?


You’re primed, pumped and almost ready to go.  When will you actually take off?  You’ve talked about “it” for weeks, months, maybe even years but yet you do nothing—action is missing from the equation.  Snap out of it and get started!  Whether your “it” is a diet, an exercise regimen, a business, an idea for your boss, a plan of attack on your debt, a strategy to strengthen your relationship, a program to ease your pain, a concept to change your world or to change the world at large—whatever “it” is—you have to increase the throttle, give “it” some fuel and let “it” take off.  No more talk.  No more waiting.  No more sitting on the runway.  It’s time to take action.  It’s time to take off.

Create your take off right now.

What are you going to create?


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