Morning Motivation — Are you in process?

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Are you in process?


No matter where you are in life you’re always in process—of changing, of growing, of expanding, of shrinking, of letting go, of discovering.  Instead of freaking out about the pain of the transition, what if you simply be in it, accept it, embrace it, let it run its course?  What if you create from the process you’re in no matter what process or stage it is?  Growing pains?  Create from them.  Aging?  Create from it.  Falling in love?  Create from him or her or it.  Healing?  Create from it.  Breaking up?  Create from it.  Getting an education?  Create from it.  Having huge success?  Create from it.  Never stop creating from whatever process you’re in the middle of.

Don’t fight the process.

Create from it.

What are you going to create?


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