Morning Motivation — Are you seeing the big picture?

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Are you seeing the big picture?


Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the minutia of every day life—the myriad tiny details that must happen, must get done every moment of every day just to exist, to continue on, to cover the basics.  But if you can catch your breath, take a step back and survey the big picture, things will look different.  Do you like what you see?  If not, change your daily actions!  Your big picture tells you what you need to adjust on a daily basis to get the result you want.  What small changes can you make on a daily basis that will help shift the bigger picture of your life?  Eat healthier?  Move more?  Save a little money?  Take a class?  Laugh more?  Daily acts of kindness?  Look at your big picture so you can adjust your daily life to create the mosaic you truly want to create.

Step back.

See the big picture.

Adjust daily actions accordingly.

Create the life you dream of living.

What are you going to create?


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