Morning Motivation — Are you watching life go by?

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Are you watching life go by?


Sometimes the world is so busy, so crazy, so chaotic, so interesting it’s easy to get caught up in watching everyone else’s tragedies, triumphs and train wrecks instead of focusing on your own life.  No more watching life go by!  No more watching other people’s lives instead of creating your own life.  Gossip television and the online headlines are pretty hard to pass up but it’s time to get going on creating your own headlines.  It’s time to get busy living your own life.  Begin by deciding right here and right now you are just as interesting, you are just as important and you can live instead of live vicariously.  What do you want to do in your life?  Where do you want to go in your life?  How do you want to experience your life?  Make your list and start living it.

Stop watching.

Start living.

Create your life.

What are you going to create?


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