Morning Motivation — Do you realize how much you have?

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Do you realize how much you have?


Even the person on the street has more than you think.  Maybe you don’t agree with how they’re living and maybe its not the most ideal experience they want to be experiencing themselves but they have enough to create something from:  They have their life!  We all do.  Let’s stop complaining about the size of our asses, the crappy weather, our aches and pains.  Let’s stop wanting more of everything—money, love, cars, attention.  Before we ask for, buy, or go after anything new, different, or seemingly better, let’s first acknowledge, see, appreciate and create from what we already have—legs to walk on, air to breathe, food to eat, family, friends, electricity, running water, freedom and life.  You might just realize how blessed you already are.

Create from what you have and what you have will expand.

What are you going to create?


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