Monday Motivation — How many dreams can you have?

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How many dreams can you have?


Instead of thinking you can only have one ginormous, all encompassing dream, allow yourself to have as many dreams as you can dream up!  Your dreams can involve anything from health to love to career to finances to spirit.  Dream away!  Don’t limit yourself.  In fact, why not turn everything into a dream?  Without waking up in the morning, you wouldn’t be alive so it’s a beautiful dream to wake up in the morning.  Without being able to walk, you wouldn’t be able to dance so it’s a wonderful dream every time you can actually walk.  Dreams are everywhere all the time.  See them.  Create them.  Live them.

Turn your life into a living dream.

No limits.

Create from what you have…as many dreams as you want.

What are you going to create?


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