Featured Dream of the Week: “That we can stay here.”

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Each week, the Declare Your Dream Experimental Motivation Project features one of the declared dreams in the experiment.  The goal is to highlight the dream and put collective positive energy towards the dream manifesting for the Dreamer.

This week’s featured dream was the 49th Dream to arrive in the experiment.

49th Dream to arrive

49th Dream to arrive

Light to focus on why your Dream matters to you.
Light to take action towards your Dream.
Light to never give up on your Dream.
Light for your Dream to manifest.
With love and belief in you and your dream,
The Declare Your Dream Community

To get motivated to Declare Your Dream and to take action towards making your Dream come true, go see more Dreams and the latest Dreams to arrive.

Get your Dream on!

Motivate yourself.  Motivate others.



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  1. What a lovely dream! Your site continues to motivate, Kelli!

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