What are you going to create in 2014?

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It’s a New Year!

What are you going to create from it?  Health?  Peace?  Love?  A fresh start?  A movie?  A book?  A new friendship?  A marriage?  A baby?  Financial security?  Kindness?   Laughter?  A truce?  A new idea?  A new job?  New technology?  An invention?  An education?  A difference?  Start the New Year off right—create something right now from what you have.  You have so much more than you realize!  Shift your thinking so you can see it, appreciate it and get creative with it.  Don’t limit yourself.  Create from all the possibilities of what you have.  We always have enough to create something from—a breath, a smile, a kind word.

Make today the start of something—an amazing year!

What are you going to create?


Happy New Year 2014


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