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Daily Dose:  MAKE A CHOICE

Who’s ready for some motivation?!

2015 will consist of 365 days.  What do you plan to create from your days?   You will have 24 hours during each of those days.  What can you create from your hours?  The time will pass whether you set an intention, start a new project or decide to change something in your life or help someone in need.    Why not make the most of every moment of every day of this year and decide to create something?  By the end of the year, from the sum of your actions during your time on earth in 2015, you can potentially have created better health, happiness, love, kindness, savings, an exercise habit, a screenplay, a new company, a deeper friendship, a quilt, a remodeled house, a new job, consistent positive action, a commitment to community service, your dream, or someone else’s dream!  It doesn’t matter how big or how small a choice you make today, just make one!  There is power in making a choice.  Choose to smile right now.  Choose to call an old friend.  Choose to start eating one healthier meal a day.  Choose to walk to work once a week.  Choose to volunteer at your local old folk’s home once a month.  Choose to sign up for a class.  Choose to be kinder to yourself and to others.  The choices you can make today are endless.  Make one, act on it and start creating it from wherever you are with whatever you have right now and be empowered in the process.

This is your year!

Make a choice.

Take action.

Start creating.

Motivation 2015 - Day 1



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