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Dreading what you have to get done?!

Shift your thinking about it.

Putting off what you don’t want to do is understandable.  No one wants to do the dishes.  No one wants to do taxes.  No one wants to take the trash out.  No one wants to do what he or she doesn’t want to do!  So, how do you get motivated to do what you don’t want to do?  Shift your thinking about it! Here are 4 ways to shift your thinking and get motivated to do what you don’t want to do:


A new name is like a new beginning.  It’s a reboot.  It shifts energy.  It shifts thinking.  It shifts feelings.  It’s refreshing and different and novel and motivating! And motivation is what it’s all about.  Without motivation, of one kind or another, nothing gets done.  For example:  Change “Cleaning the house” to “Revitalizing your living space.”  Revitalize versus clean?  Sounds much more appealing and important to living a healthy, vibrant life!


Rebranding is taking a new name to a deeper level.  To rebrand something is to “change or update the image of” it.  Why you have to do something is vitally important to the how and when it gets done.    If your image of why you have to do something is negative or soul crushing, shift your thinking until it is positive and spirit lifting.  For example:  Why are you taking the trash out?  I am making space for a new day of creating and getting some exercise at the same time!


You have a sexy new name, a rebranded why, and you are almost ready to begin.  Before you start, take a few minutes to elevate your mood even higher.  Listen to the music that matches the energy you need to do the task.  Move your body in a way that builds your energy perfect for the task. For example:  Crank up your favorite tunes and dance for five minutes before, during or after you organize your receipts for the feds!


And finally, the surest way to shift your thinking is to give thanks and focus on gratitude.  Give thanks for your health, your home, your family, your friends, the freedom you have, and yes, most importantly, give thanks for the gift of having your arms and hands to wash the dishes, your legs to walk to take out the trash, and, your mind to do you taxes.

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