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Can’t let go?

Move forward instead.

There are times when letting go of something or someone—literally or figuratively—might not actually be possible for you. You may still have to see your ex-husband because you created a child together.  You may still have to take your thyroid medication to keep your energy up and be healthy.  You may not want to let go of the friend or mother or father or child in your life who died.  You may want to keep their memory alive and with you forever.  Not being able to let go of these realities in your life doesn’t mean you can’t move forward.  You don’t have to be defined by your divorce or illness or loss.  Just because you can’t let go of something doesn’t mean you have to be a victim of it or let it control your destiny. Redefine your relationship with your ex.  Focus on your vibrant life force instead of your illness.  Create hope and help for others from your loss.  When you can’t let go find a way to move forward energetically, creatively, positively, bravely, boldly, spiritually.

“Moving forward is the most graceful, beautiful and strong thing a person can do.” —Sylvia Jaunzarins

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