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…just go and do it already.



Instead of fretting over how long you’ve been procrastinating on something and thus procrastinating even longer, just stop and go do it already!  Whatever the hell it is—the dishes, your homework, the laundry, the phone call, the email, signing up for the class, breaking up with him, the first work out, buying the domain name—just start doing it!  It’ll be done before you know it.  And who knows what doing it will do to your mood, your energy, your outlook?  It may revitalize you.  It may motivate you.  It may relax you.  It may inspire you.   You won’t know until you… STOP PROCRASTINATING AND JUST GO DO IT ALREADY!  The here and now is all we’ve got.  Don’t squander it.      

Stop procrastinating.

Start getting shit done.

And always…

Create from what you have.

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