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Shake things up!


Routines can be wonderful in life. Brushing your teeth.  Working out. Meditation.   Schedules.  But what happens when you are stuck in your creative work?  Feeling uninspired?  Bored?  Blank?  Shake it up!  Change how you approach it, how you do it, what you do during the time you have scheduled for it!  Instead of writing in the exact same spot, go to the library or a coffee shop or the beach.  Change the view!  Instead of creating in the exact same way, do something different. Instead of typing on your computer, hand-write a scene.  Instead of directing a film, direct a play.  Instead of acting, write some original material for yourself.  Shake yourself out of the old ideas of what creating is supposed to be.

Shake things up.

Try something new.

Do something different.

Expand how, what, where you are creating.

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